Event Rules

The following rules apply to all attendees of events at Hog Mountain Baptist Church. Failure to follow any of these rules may result in removal from the event.

  1. A completed Registration Form (or on-line registration) is required to participate in the event.
  2. Rough housing, horse play, fighting, or any other act of violence is strictly prohibited.
  3. No alcohol, drugs, or weapons are permitted on the campus of Hog Mountain Baptist Church.
  4. No foul language or cursing will be permitted.
  5. You must follow the instructions of all volunteers, staff, and appointees of Hog Mountain Baptist Church at all times.
  6. Vandalism or damage to any property is prohibited.
  7. No food or drinks will be allowed in any facility or in any inflatables.
  8. No shoes will be worn on any inflatables.
  9. Shirts and pants are required at the event at all times.
  10. At Festival events, all children must be supervised by their parent or guardian at all times. No children should be left unattended.